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About Bangkok

Deeply rooted in traditions, yet aspiring to be an ultra-modern and dynamic city, Bangkok has many admirers worldwide. For any tourist visiting this fabulous travel destination, there would be no dearth of attractions that are worth visiting. It is a cosmopolitan city and the locals always welcome travelers with great warmth and friendliness. As with other major cities of the world, life in Bangkok is characterized by bustling crowds and busy markets. Despite the hectic pace with which this city moves, tourists can find certain places that offer a great deal of serenity.

Bangkok was under the rule of Ayutthaya, a Siamese kingdom which existed between the mid-fourteenth and late eighteenth centuries. It gradually emerged as an important town, serving as a customs outpost. Later, in 1782, it was captured by Burmese and the new king made it the base of Thonburi Kingdom. Economy of Bangkok flourished through trade with China and merchants of western countries. During the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century's, steam engine, rail transport and printing press were introduced along with health-care and educational facilities. At the time of World War II, it was adversely affected by the bombing raids carried out by the Allies. After the war ended, Bangkok witnessed rapid growth resulting from developmental aid provided by United States and investments sponsored by the government. Tourism industry developed to a great extent owing to its role of being a place of rest and relaxation for the American military. Today, it has become one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world and is visited by numerous tourists every year.

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In recent times, this city has managed to survive many crises, including the large-scale anti-government protests. Many of the tourists, who know everything about Bangkok due to their frequent travels have described this region as a cultural phenomenon and a shopper's paradise. Restaurants of the city offer delicious Thai cuisines, while amazing views of the city can be enjoyed from a rooftop bar. Travelers looking out for some green spaces can find several parks in this region that are spread across a vast area and have enough space to accommodate a large number of visitors.

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