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About Athens

Greece has a great tourist potential since ancient times, the trend carried further and an estimated 17.5 million people visit this Southern European country, located on the end of Balkan Peninsula bordering the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Among the European countries it is the most mountainous country. Western and Central Greece has high and steep peaks. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain and the prime attraction of Greece tourism. Greek mythology describes mount Olympus as the home of twelve Olympian Gods. Athens has many things to its credit this bustling capital of Greece is the cradle of civilization. It is the origin of democracy, having many archaeological wonders like the Acropolis designated as world's seventh wonder. The city has seen many ups and downs but still stands with a firm determination. Acropolis of Athens and Daphnis monasteries are remarkable landmarks declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, at the basin of Attica almost in the middle of the Greek mainland, between the regions of Sterna Hellas to the north and Peloponnesus to the South West.

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It is having a climate embraced by mild winters and warm summers which is the best time in entire Europe. With a comparatively larger coastal line it has many ports engaged in commercial shipping activities. Athens and entire Greece is the center of worldwide shipping activities. This city is a great blend of wonders of the past like Plaka and modern luxurious departmental stores, exquisite restaurants as well as old style taverns. The night life of the city is vibrant and invigorating. Nightlife of the city dispersed in its unique bars and restaurants offers an opportunity to the tourists to get closer and peep into the lifestyle of the Athenians. Areas like Metaxourgio, Gabi, Monastir and Psirri are the hotspots and traditional Greek evenings are best celebrated at Plaka.

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