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About Albania

Albania is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, and is gradually finding favor among several tourists who are always exploring some of the most interesting travel destinations. Best part of this country is that it has still managed to distance itself from the ills of globalization, thereby preserving its unique culture. Its turquoise seas, snow-capped mountains and serene beaches offer enchanting views for its visitors. The untouched natural wonders of this region also include beautiful rivers, forests and lakes that delight every tourist who is willing to delve deeper into Albania's amazing offerings. Every traveler to this region is welcomed with heart-warming generosity and hospitality, which leaves a lasting impression on anyone touring this country.

Owing to its strategic location, Albania was ruled by many empires in the past. A tribe called Illyrians was the first ones to settle in this region around 2000 BC. Later, it was conquered by Romans and then the Byzantine Empire took control over this land. It fell into the hands of Ottoman Empire in the 1300s and much of the country's population was converted to Islam in the following years. The Albanians fought hard for their independence and even managed to attain freedom under the leadership of their national hero, George Kastrioti Skanderbeg; but the Ottomans soon regained their control. After being occupied by Germany and Italy during World War II, it was taken over by communist party after the war. Democratic elections were held in the year 1992, and the country got its first democratically elected president, Sali Berisha.

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Tourists would not only have plenty of natural surroundings to explore, but they can also have an excellent time in its cities. Not many people in this world are aware about Albania and its unique offerings, such as an outdoor cafe culture, that offer some pleasant moments for travelers. There are many orthodox churches worth visiting, while many of its museums offer a glimpse of its rich history. Many of its villages provide a wonderful atmosphere for tourists, which would be very relaxing after having traveled long distances.

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