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About Nassau...

History about Nassau dates back to the time when a legendary English pirate, Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, was largely feared by people who set sails for the Caribbean. In the late seventeenth century, England's King Charles II granted islands of The Bahamas to six noblemen. British settlers from Bermuda moved to the island of New Providence and built a fort city called Charlestown. This city was burnt down by Spanish in 1684, but got rebuilt later and was named 'Nassau'.

Although there were farmers who lived in this region, much of its population comprised of pirates who attracted ships to the reefs and then robbed them. Many attempts were made by the French and Spanish fleets to stop this plundering of ships, but pirates’ always returned and wreaked havoc. In the early eighteenth century, Great Britain declared The Bahamas their crown colony and made Woodes Rogers its first Royal Governor. He ousted the pirates from Nassau, building a fort and restoring law and order in this region.

During the times of Revolutionary War, Britons fleeing America settled in this city. It grew and prospered during American Civil War and in recent times, it has become one of the major tourist destinations on this planet.

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Development began after many Americans and African slaves settled in this region during the late eighteenth century. Along with population, the residential area of Nassau also grew to a considerable extent. Most of the Africans live in certain parts of Grants Town, while a significant number of Europeans can be found along northern coastal areas.

Today, Nassau is a major commercial centre and largest city of The Bahamas. It dominates the entire island of New Providence, along with Paradise Island. Real estate has developed considerably over the past 40 years and downtown Nassau has become a hub for all activities.

This region has also been a favorite among several filmmakers and has featured in various movies, including a few James Bond films. A place that was once dominated by pirates has now become more of a business district. It also has the House of Assembly and several departments of judiciary.

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