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About Barcelona...

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a political and administrative division of Spain. It is situated on northeastern coast of Iberian Peninsula and shores of Mediterranean Sea. It is also one of the country's largest cities, both in terms of population and size. At first, tourists would get an impression about Barcelona that it is a laidback city, full of fun-loving people. But, this busy port of Mediterranean is working hard to maintain its position among the top cities of Europe. It has also been successful to a great extent in balancing technological development and an amazing cultural heritage. Catalan and Spanish have been made its official languages, the former being more dominant in this region. With the advent of democracy, Catalan culture was promoted to a great extent, thereby recovering many excellent pieces of work from past. Newer opportunities have also been created for this culture to flourish, which was repressed during times of dictatorship.

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Though there are several legends related about Barcelona’s establishment, Romans are believed to have founded Barcelona which was then known as 'Barcino'. They had established it as their colony bound by a defensive wall, remains of which exist even today in the old town. Barcelona fell to Arabs during early 8th century and it remained under their rule for about two hundred years. Louis, the son of Charlemagne conquered Barcelona from Arabs, but died soon after a few victorious campaigns. Later, this region was declared as a county of Carolingian Empire. During the Medieval times, this city had a powerful position and was considered as an economic centre of Western Mediterranean. It was on a decline during fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, when struggling for independence. Nineteenth century was a period of recovery, as textile industry attained significant developments. Dictatorship that followed civil war of 1936 put several restrictions on freedom of citizens. This situation changed when democracy came into force in 1978, and Barcelona revived its economic strength. Catalan language was also restored following years of suppression under dictatorship.

Barcelona always features in the list of most-visited cities of this world and receives millions of visitors annually. It is now an extremely popular travel destination with several hotels and excellent infrastructure for tourism. Immigrants from different countries, such as Argentina, China, Pakistan and Morocco can be found in this city. This region is also considered to be one of the best places for business. There are regular trade fairs and exhibitions organized in Barcelona that are attended by business communities from different parts of the world. Owing to textile industry which has been in existence for several centuries, it is also a major centre for fashion. Other than textiles, it also has a special place for art and architecture, which is evident from various historical buildings. Most of its old areas have structures that are masterpieces of Gothic architecture. Tourists are sure to be amazed by the city’s brilliance in preserving these architectural wonders in the face of modernization.

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