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Qatar Airways flights

Qatar an Arab state in the Arabian Peninsula which is bordering with Saudi Arabia to the south is ruled by the Al Thani family since 19th Century. Its economy became stable after the discovery of oil. Prior to the invention of oil in the region this Arab nation was engaged in pearl hunting and sea trade. Presently Qatar’s ever growing economy is resting on its main resources like Oil and natural Gas. With fast infrastructural developments in this region Qatar started attracting expatriates from nearby Asian countries and technologically advanced companies of the west. Being a member of OPEC and a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC it has established best relations with other neighboring Arab states in the region.

It has also maintained good diplomatic relations with United States of America. This keeps a continuous influx of visitors to this tiny nation in the Arabian Gulf. This Arab nation has always supported sports and sports related activities. In the past Qatar has sponsored many recognized sports competitions like Asian Cup. Football is more popular in the country and many football events held in its capital city attract lots of sports enthusiasts to this destination.

This huge influx of visitors including sportsmen, working expatriates, diplomats and top ranking company officials keeps the Qatar International Airport busy throughout the year. To facilitate free entry and departure of the expatriates Qatar Airways flights are supposed to be most convenient. Qatar Airways the state owned flagship company stationed in the capital city Doha provides a best network of regular flights connecting Doha with around one hundred worldwide destinations. It provides services ranging from Central Asia, Africa, Europe, Far East up to North America and Oceania.

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