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Flights to Germany

Federal Republic of Germany or popularly called Germany is located in western-central Europe with its capital Berlin which is one of the largest cities. With state of the art technology in many fields and leading in many industrial sectors, it stands out to be second largest exporter. This world’s fourth largest economy having a great purchasing power is supposed to be the major power in European continent. Germany has an incredible past and bright future prospect. It has adopted a very high standard of living with a strong social security system. With an ever flourishing economy this European destination attracts millions of visitors coming here for various reasons like business, official visits, diplomatic missions as well as leisure tourism.

Germany once divided into East and West Germany reunified in March 1994 breaking the barriers of unification. Berlin once again became the capital of reunified Germany. The country opted for an active role in the newly formed European Union. With a central position in Europe Germany is a popular transport hub with best infrastructural facilities and a third largest road network, huge network of high speed trains offering smooth transportation with in the country as well as to the neighboring countries.

Air travel is more convenient while traveling domestically within the country. Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport are considered as the major airports of the country. These airports are the major hubs of Lufthansa, whereas Air Berlin has a better hold at Dusseldorf and Berlin Tegel. Other major airports are Hamburg, Leipziq /Halle and Schonefeld. Lufthansa operates flights to Germany for important destinations like Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Numberg. It also operates flights from US destinations like Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Boston to Germany at comparatively attractive fares.


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