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China Tour Packages

The Great Wall of China is one of the true wonders of the world and it is said that one has not truly experienced life until he stands upon the wall. The longest wall in the world, it is an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. Its winding path over rugged country and steep mountains takes in some great scenery. The forbidden city located precisely in the center of the city towers over Changan Boulevard and its sea of bicycles below. A walk though the massive palace provides visitors a first hand experience of how the Emperors lived and ruled the immense country from within its walls. Xian, China's ancient capital features the Terracotta Warriors site, which has been called the eighth Wonder of the World. With excavation still in progress this is a remarkable chance to witness the un-covering of history in progress. Visitors to Xian also enjoy experiencing Buddhist tradition by burning incense at the Big Goose Pagoda.

Tibet's Potala Palace was constructed high in the Himalayas and towers above Lhasa as the most sacred spot of Tibetan Buddhism. Visitors weave through its grand halls as Tibetan Monks worship and sing hymns. The Dunhuang Grottoes were painted by monks to portray life upon the Silk road through the centuries. They exist today as a testament to the bustling trade routes that led to the western world centuries ago. The natural beauty of China's landscapes has long been the inspiration for world famous works of art, novels, and poetry. Guilin, Suzhou, and Hangzhou epitomize such beauty and appear today much as they did centuries ago to the eyes of Marco Polo. Travelers marvel at the mystical limestone formations seen along Guilin's Li River which are unique to that region. The gardens and waterways of Suzhou and Hangzhou are some of the most beautiful in China. Of course, the Yangtze River's Three Gorges are unparalleled among China's natural wonders.
Imperial China with Yangtze River Cruise
Tour Category -
Tour Duration 15 Days
Tour Price Starting From $2305
*Subject to availability, Terms & Conditions apply.
Mamta Shah MD
Mamta Shah MD
We just returned from our China vacation.
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