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Egypt Tour Packages


Egypt the transcontinental country located on a strategic location occupying southwest corner of Asia and northeast corner of Africa has conserved many wonders of the past. It attracts crowds of visitors to its ancient marks of civilization and the most talked about pyramids of Giza, which is an exclusive landmark of this country. Having a long historical background it, offers many marvels of the ancient era in the form of temples linked with mythological legends.

Other than the misleading descriptions heard about this destination, Egypt is more than its Pyramids and historic sites. There are many happening places like Naama bay bulging with sandy beaches, which offer an explicit experience of diving and snorkeling, and a great variety of fish as well as coral reefs. If you like to indulge in leisure activities that are blended with adventures, then there are great many options of wind surfing, parasailing, kayaking and glass boat rides available at Naama.

Egypt has widespread deserts enveloping ancient marvels and Nile river which is acknowledged as longest river in the world. A romantic cruise on river Nile will rejuvenate your senses, while moving through the turquoise cool waters. These traditionally decorated cruises will introduce you to charms of a bygone era and exclusive Arabic cuisines. Getting the glimpses of ancient Egypt in the form of monuments and historical places is an unforgettable experience of this destination.

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