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Costa Rica Holiday Packages


Bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the southeast, Costa Rica has vast stretches of serene beaches. Its beautiful natural surroundings are characterized by dense jungles, clear lakes and lush green valleys. A pleasant climate of this country is best suited for tourism, while many of its other features like a stable government, world-class health care and low cost of living have contributed immensely to its success as an excellent travel destination.

Monteverde and Santa Elena, the two towns of this country, have managed to attract plenty of eco-tourists in the past few years. Wildlife of this region can be best enjoyed at one of Costa Rica's popular national parks, called Manuel Antonio. A hippie beach town called Montezuma is ideal to experience sea, sun, sand and a peaceful sleep; while highest peak of the country called Cerro Chirripo offers panoramic views of Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica vacation packages cover all the exciting locations that the country has to offer for its tourists coming from different parts of the world.

Options in accommodation are many in this country, and can be chosen according to the budgets of travelers. They range from elegant hotels to the modest home-stays, offering a wide range of choices for tourists to have a pleasant stay while vacationing in Costa Rica. Eco-tourists can enjoy staying in nature lodges that are generally found in mountains or jungles in various parts of the region, and most of them are also supplemented with the services of experienced guides.

Experience the magic of this majestic travel destination with our Costa Rica vacation packages.

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