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Spain Holiday Packages

Culturally, the country is littered with superb old buildings, from Roman aqueducts and Islamic palaces to Gothic cathedrals. Almost every second village has a medieval castle. Spain the home to some of the world's great artists El Greco, Velázquez, Goya, Dalí, Picasso and has museums and galleries to match. The country vibrates with music of every kind from the drama of flamenco to the melancholy lyricism of the Celtic music and gaitas (bagpipes) of the northwest. Experience plentiful accommodation, the benign climate, relaxed people, the food and drink easy to come by with full of regional variety. The lure of Spanish delicacies is world famous. More than 50 million foreigners a year visit Spain. Interested in hardcore adventure sports like Bullfight, then you have the only option of enjoying its fun in Spain. The uniqueness of Spain lies in the separate kingdoms which made up the original Spanish nation.

It is a country of Excellent and quiet beaches can be found near Malaga, Huelva and Almeria in the south as well as near the coasts of La Manga, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Euskadi. If you do enjoy extremely developed resort towns, there are plenty of beaches on the Costa de la Luz and the Costa del Sol. Interesting is the harbor of Almerimar with cosy bars, just south of El Ejido (Almeria). Very unique architecture can be found in Cordoba, Salamanca, Granada, Toledo, and Madrid. The visionary architecture of Antoni Gaudí and the Picasso museum are in Barcelona while Madrid is home to Spain’s top three art museums. You will no longer simply be visiting the architectural gems, but staying inside them. Travel to Spain and you will find everything, from lush meadows, green valleys, hills and snowy mountains in the Northern regions to almost desert zones in the South. Its beaches are also famous and worth visiting, small and charming creeks in the North and wide white sand beaches on the South and Western parts of the country. And the unforgettable exotic black sand beaches of the volcanic Canary Islands.
Spanish Fiesta - 12 Days
Tour Category -
Tour Duration 12 Days
Tour Price Starting From $1475
Unless otherwise noted; all prices listed are per person, based on double occupancy and are subject to change without notice. Additional Taxes and other fees may apply.