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  1. What is
    We are here to assist you in arranging your next vacation to ensure you have the best possible experience to suit your desires at the very best possible price. Our travel experts will help you to truly Experience the World for Less.
  2. Does anyone else offer these types of discounts?
    We offer the absolutely lowest price on any of the "Preferred Vacations" from our "Preferred Suppliers" as listed on this website. Plus you can book any number of our "Preferred Suppliers" wide array of vacations at substantial discounts off their published rates. In addition we can offer you significant savings on a whole host of other vacation itineraries from our "Recommended Suppliers"
  3. When I pay by credit card do you bill my card or will the travel supplier?
    We only accept payment by credit card and your travel supplier will bill your card directly, we do not bill you. In most cases, the travel supplier will have a form for you to sign as authorization of a specific charge.
  4. Will my travel expert help me after the reservation is made?
    Absolutely, our staff will do everything possible to make sure you have an extraordinarily enjoyable and satisfying vacation experience.
  5. Is financially secure?
    Yes, we are fully accredited by ARC and IATAN and we only deal with the most respected and reputable travel suppliers. Almost all of whom have been in business for many years. In addition, in most cases, at no time will have your money. The normal procedure is that the travel supplier will charge your credit card.
  6. How will I get my travel documents?
    Your travel supplier will send these documents directly to your home approximately 2 weeks before you depart. When you receive them you can contact your travel expert if you have any questions. It is your responsibility to ensure you and your traveling partners have all necessary visa, passports and other documents for your destination(s).
  7. Does offer travelers insurance?
    Yes, and the insurance will usually be supplied by your travel supplier. Ask your travel expert for more info on insurance, if needed.
Unless otherwise noted; all prices listed are per person, based on double occupancy and are subject to change without notice. Additional Taxes and other fees may apply.